Vodka Review: Absolut

Absolut is a 40-percent ABV vodka produced in Sweden by the V & S Group and imported throughout various parts of the world by Absolut Spirits Company. It’s a premium vodka is that generally found on the top shelves of quality bars and clubs and in the liquor cabinets of upscale homes. In commercial production since the year 1979, Absolut is the result of a combination of grain grown in southern Sweden’s rich agricultural zone, the purest available well water, and time-honored distillation traditions dating back more than 400 years. To date, this popular vodka is sold in 126 countries.

Its clean taste and smooth finish makes Absolut a good choice for sipping straight or on the rocks. Those who opt to enjoy it unembellished should keep the bottle in the freezer so it’s ice cold when the time is right. It also performs well in a variety of mixers and makes a particularly good vodka martini. Although it can be used to create fruity cocktails such as screwdrivers and rusty nails, Absolut is not among the lesser brands of vodka that require the use of strong-tasting mixers to offset an unpleasant taste or finish, so it’s best used in classic cocktails such as vodka gimlets or vodka tonics. However, those with a taste drinks for stronger flavor profiles can choose from a variety of flavored Absolut vodkas such as acacia berry, mango, lime, mandarin, and a variety of other. All of these can be used to craft excellent mixed drinks that pack a serious flavor punch.

The distinctive design of its bottles also makes it a favorite of discriminatory bars. clubs, and homeowners. Altogether, Absolut is a solidly premium vodka worthy of being served in celebration of the finest occasions.

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